Hey, I’m Tay. I’m glad you’re here because I think it’s super important we get to know each other. I’ll go first…

Meet Me

I'm tayla mcgrath

Getting away on the weekends, taking my 4×4 down the beach or just spending quality time at home pretty much sums me up! And yes I love diving – that’s me and my dad – so if you dream of that scuba wedding you saw in 27 Dresses, I’m your girl.

If you're into the 16 Personalities, I'm a Turbulent Advocate (INFJ-T) which means I love to find meaning in my work and connect with people.

I LOVE podcasts. Business, self-improvement, videography and photography, health, pretty much anything!

I can’t really say that I stumbled across Film & Media or that I was drawn to it from the start. The truth is, my high school best friend, Harry, convinced me to swap one of my subjects and join Film. Once I did, I really did fall in love with videography and photography and have pursued it ever since. Now, Harry and I live together and this year will be celebrating 6 years of friendship and 2 years as a couple.

I decided to start Tayla McGrath Projects so I could continue my passion and capture moments that have true meaning to people. Raw, authentic and real. I want to capture feeling and emotion, and have a real impact on someone's special day. 

When it comes to you and your wedding day, nothing is more important than capturing every special moment, the small moments and the big ones.

I saw my parents' wedding video for the first time this year (that's them on the left). I didn't even know it existed!

It was old, long (about 2 hours 40 minutes!) and it was everything I wanted and more. As someone who didn't see their parents together growing up, it was so incredibly special to me to be able to re-live their day as if I were there. 

That was when I truly understood the value in wedding videos. It's so much more than just documenting the day, it's about capturing moments in time that can live on through generations.

Now It's Your Turn...


"Her keen eye for photography helped us to ensure we had the perfect spot for the most beautiful photos and even when things didn’t go as planned she was quick to change her style of shoots to ensure that she was capturing all the special details.

I would 100% recommend using Tayla for your next photoshoot and we hope to work with her in the new year.
I also loved the ease of her online gallery and the turn around time of her photos was amazing.

10/10 service"

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